MEAC believes that midwives provide care that is essential to the health of the nation. The future of midwifery depends on the education of midwives who are prepared to provide high quality care that is responsive to the needs of women, and who can participate effectively in the transformation of our system of maternity care.Midwifery schools and programs accredited by MEAC prepare midwives for national certification as Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs).

These midwives are earning recognition in ever-widening circles. We are pleased to report that the number of students enrolled in accredited midwifery programs has been growing each year. As the number of midwives is growing, legal recognition is also expanding.

More than half of all states now regulate direct-entry midwifery, and at least fifteen other states are considering legislation. At the same time, midwives are working to improve access to care by tackling the complex challenges of insurance coverage, equitable reimbursement, and employment opportunities.