Calendar of CEU Offerings


MEAC approves Continuing Education Programs attended by professional midwives to maintain and upgrade their skills and knowledge for practice. Below is a calendar of CEU offerings throughout the US and beyond. The workshops and conferences listed have either been approved for MEAC CEUs or have applied for CEUs as indicated.

Following is a list of on-going continuing education opportunities that have been approved for MEAC CEUs.

BIRTHING, BLACKNESS AND THE BODY: A FOLLOW-UP  Watch/Listen to receive 1.5 CEUs. Join this webinar to learn more about what midwives of color experience when interacting with midwifery institutions and when participating in cross racial organizing. This important new research by Dr. Keisha Goode can help guide efforts to infuse equity into midwifery education as institutions seek to address the diverse needs of students, apprentices and faculty of color with the goal of achieving transformative change. CEUs available from September 21, 2017 to Sept. 21, 2019 . For more information go to

BIRTH EMERGENCY TRAINING FOR MIDWIVES - For information regarding the course (approved by ACNM for 14 contact hours and 12 Maternal Emergency and 2 Newborn emergency credits towards Bridge Certificate) please see my website at

ICD-10 FOR MIDWIVES ~ In A Nutshell! Concise, midwife specific course on ICD-10. Learn through videos and quizzes, download printable handouts of the codes most used by midwives, and ask your questions in the discussion area. 1 hour of MEAC Approved CEU credit. This coupon code will allow you to take the course for $25 (list price is $40): MEAC25

MIDWIFERY SKILLS WORKSHOPS, taught by Linda “Lynn” Arnold. Sponsors can choose from the already approved workshops and courses or request their own topics. For more information, please contact Lynn Arnold at LArnold.Midwife@gmail.comor click here for more information.

THRIVING WITH HOMEOPATHY FOR BIRTHING LIFE, a practical guide for midwives and doulas, child birth educators and nurses. Approved with 40 contact hours and 4 CEUs by MEAC.
This (university-standard) comprehensive course consists of 450 pages, 40 contact hours of teaching and/or study curriculum and is presented with weekly 16 sessions (including 15 homework assignments and final research paper). It covers a full academic 16-week semester (4 months) with a midterm break. The course facilitates the student and present and future midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, nurses with an in-depth understanding of homeopathy in the field of midwifery, its philosophy, and practical application. Next to the main subject homeopathy, the student also will be able to use valuable information regarding effective herbal formulas applicable during the time of birthing life.
2016 – Spring Semester: 01/18-–05/14 $ 450 only (already half the price of a regular university course)
For more information contact: Dr. Angelika Maria Koch, D.N.M. LCH H.N.H.Ir. or click here for more information.

CULTURAL COMPETENCY AND GLOBAL MIDWIFERY SKILLS SEMINAR. For more information please contact Vicki Penwell at or click here for more information on Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills Seminar.

MIDWIFERY MANAGEMENT OF NEONATAL RESUSCITATION. For more information on classes, please contact Karen Strange at or Click here for more information.

ITEM WRITING WORKSHOP, Qualified Evaluator Workshop, Ethics and Values in Midwfery and Everyday Life, Preceptor-Apprenticehip Relationships, MANA Stats, Preparing for Midwifery Legislation, Unraveling the Mysteries of the CPM, and Charting all offered by NARM (The North American Registry of Midwives). For more information, please contact Ida Darragh at or call 1-888-842-4784 or Click here for more information.

SPINNING BABIES WORKSHOP ,  This workshop consists of lecture and hands-on learning with video, posters, doll and pelvic models, a pregnant volunteer, 3-dimensional educational aids and story telling. Large group lecture is interspersed each hour with practice in small groups or pairings. Gail Tully,

Distance Continuing Education Opportunities are also available!

To view the continuing education programs available to take from a distance, click here.