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MEAC approves Continuing Education Programs attended by professional midwives to maintain and upgrade their skills and knowledge for practice. Below is a calendar of CEU offerings throughout the US and beyond. The workshops and conferences listed have either been approved for MEAC CEUs or have applied for CEUs as indicated.

Following is a list of on-going continuing education opportunities that have been approved for MEAC CEUs.

Midwifery Skills Workshops, taught by Linda "Lynn" Arnold. Sponsors can choose from the already approved workshops and courses or request their own topics. For more information, please contact Lynn Arnold at or click here for more information.

Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills Seminar. For more information please contact Vicki Penwell at or click here for more information on Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills Seminar.

Supporting Women through Perinatal Loss Workshops for Childbirth Professionals with Miriam Maslin are available all across the US. Click here for more information or search below for a workshop in your area.

Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation. For more information on classes, please contact Karen Strange at or Click here for more information.

Item Writing Workshop, Qualified Evaluator Workshop, Ethics and Values in Midiwfery and Everyday Life, Preceptor-Apprenticehip Relationships, MANA Stats, Preparing for Midwifery Legislation, Unravelling the Mysteries of the CPM, and Charting all offered by NARM (The North American Registry of Midwives). For more information, please contact Ida Darragh at or call 1-888-842-4784 or Click here for more information.

Gestational Diabetes and Physiologic Cord Closure. For more information, email Anne Frye at or call 503-255-3378.

Pharmacology and Medication Administration: A Workshop for CPMs (Colorado). This workshop covers pharmacology and medication administration relevant to homebirth midwifery practice and particularly the current regulations in Colorado. This class will be both lecture and practical. We will cover pharmacology and application of RhoGam, Pitocin, Methergine, Misoprostol & Vitamin K. It is approved for 8 CEUs. Email Kristine Lauria at or call 571-245-8597.

Administration of Medications and IV Fluids for Direct Entry Midwives. The content of this workshop is designed to meet state requirements for medication and IV administration. There is hands-on practice for IV starts, fluid administration and rate calculation, and administration of medications including eye ointment, vitamin K, Rhogam, Pitocin, Cytotec, and Methergine. Email Janelle Komorowski at to schedule a workshop in your area.

Distance Continuing Education Opportunities are also available!

To view the continuing education programs available to take from a distance, Click here.

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Cultural Competency & Global Midwifery Skills Seminar

Friday, March 1, 2013 - Saturday, March 2, 2013

Midwives, doulas, doctors, nurses, or any healthcare workers who work in maternity care anywhere in the world will benefit from this seminar. For those who serve women of different ethnic or sub-culture groups in America OR who may volunteer in developing countries where maternal mortality is high and respect for women is low, we will teach the most updated best-practices and innovations in safe maternity care. The needs of women in the area of culturally sensitive and evidence-based care is actually a life and death matter; women of color die in childbirth and lose their babies at birth at rates much higher than white women, everywhere in the world. Teaching is based on World Health Organization and United Nations Millennial Goals for reducing infant mortality and maternal mortality globally. Topics will include updated treatments and preventions for malaria, parasites, neonatal tetanus and hypothermia, HIV/AIDS, and more. Hands-on practice in non-inflatable anti-shock garment and other new life-saving innovative technologies. This Santa Barbara, CA workshop is presented by: Vicki Penwell, Ian Penwell, or Rose Penwell, all CPM midwives who live and work cross-culturally in the Philippines overseeing a charity birthing home.

For addtional information and to register, please click here

The Importance of Core Strength for the Prenatal and Postnatal Client

Saturday, March 23, 2013 - Saturday, March 23, 2013

Practical Application for Labor and Delivery Professionals. This one-day course, offered in Portland,OR, will provide child birth educators, labor and delivery nurses, midwives, doulas and prenatal fitness professionals with an in depth understanding for the conditions and complications related to core weakness in the prenatal client. The correlation with diastasis recti and difficult deliveries will be highlighted. Education on proper evaluation of core weakness, postural alignment issues and diastasis recti will be discussed. Practical application of evaluation techniques and proper use of the core muscles in delivery and recovery will be covered. Seven contact hours (.7 CEU)are approved by MEAC for this course. Register by calling: The Tummy Team at 360-952-CORE (2673)or email

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