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The MEAC Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that we are now members of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC).

ACCAHC envisions a health care system that is multidisciplinary and enhances competence, mutual respect and collaboration across all complementary and alternative medicine and conventional health care disciplines. This system will deliver effective care that is patient centered, focused on health creation and healing, and is readily accessible to all populations.

The values of ACCAHC are:

• the diversity and traditions that exist in federally accredited complementary and alternative medicine institutions as well as recognized emerging complementary and alternative medicine fields that wish to become federally accredited CAM institutions.

• the Institute of Medicine statement that “the goal of integrating care should be the provision of comprehensive care that is safe and effective care, that is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and care that respects and joins effective interventions from all sources.”

• public accountability and standards of practice, which emphasize patient-centered care, patient safety, practice competencies, professionalism and a rigorous code of ethics.

• the complementary and alternative medicine paradigms and their academic and clinical applications, which recognize the intimate relationship between health, mind, body, spirit and environment, and emphasize health promotion, healing, prevention and wellness.

• the importance of insuring that complementary and alternative medicine academic health care institutions have direct and equitable access to all public and private support systems.

Furthermore, ACCAHC supports evolving complementary and alternative medicine academic health centers and institutions as they emerge through the benchmarking processes of establishing high standards and developing academic curriculum, research, clinical training, future leaders and policy action that will affect the transformation of our health care system.

To see the ACCAHC Desk Reference, click here

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