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The MEAC Board of Directors are very pleased to announce that in August 2009 MEAC was granted, membership to the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA).

The goals of ASPA are:

* to promote quality and integrity in accreditation;

* to address accrediting issues in educational, governmental, and public policy contexts;

* to facilitate collaboration among programs and institutions; and

* to enhance the relationship among the respective accrediting organizations through scholarly thought, dialogue and activities to promote a climate of improvement of educational quality, service, rigor, efficiency, and fairness in accreditation.

ASPA member agencies subscribe to the widely referenced ASPA Code of Good Practice. A major focus of interest both to ASPA members and to the regional agencies is in enhancing the value of the accrediting process to the programs and institutions served, as well as to the public.

ASPA members include agencies whose history goes back to the very earliest years of accreditation, and whose accrued body of knowledge about assessing education quality provides a useful resource for accreditors serving the spectrum of educational programs and bodies, as well as for the institutions served by the accreditation processes.

ASPA believes the support of higher education should be viewed expansively, bringing into the universe of recipient institutions those which, through accreditation, demonstrate that they offer programs of quality, designed to help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become productive members of society.

To read the ASPA Code of Good Practice, click here

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