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Philosophy Statement

As an accrediting body for direct-entry midwifery educational programs, the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council plays an essential role in the development and support of the profession by requiring educators to follow a path of continual growth and improvement in the delivery of midwifery education. This is achieved by supporting the development and accountability of high-quality educational programs built on evidence-based and current best-practice research. MEAC views accountability as a necessary and positive component of professional midwifery, and we embrace our role as accreditors in this process.

MEAC sets standards for midwifery education while encouraging heterogeneity in the educational models used and the individuals served. The tension between upholding objective standards and maintaining a rich variety of options for students is a challenge we gratefully accept.

We uphold the principles of inclusivity, non-discrimination, and diversity with regard to gender identity, race, marital status, ethnic origin, creed, age, sexual orientation, or disability in our board composition and in our support of varied educational models. MEAC standards for accreditation encourage broad student and faculty recruitment among our member schools.

MEAC values competency-based educational programs that train midwives to serve culturally, socially, and economically diverse women and families inclusive of gender identity, race, marital status, ethnic origin, creed, age, sexual orientation, and disability. We believe the following to be integral to that goal:

 Mastery of core competencies is not defined by the length of time spent in the educational process but should meet an international standard of midwifery education.

 Mastery of core competencies can be accomplished through various educational routes including conventional classroom format, distance learning, and clinical placement.

We believe in the Midwives Model of Care, not only as the form of care provided by midwives to their clients but also as a standard for our work of accreditation. This value leads us to strive toward respectful, fair, individualized, responsive and transparent interactions among those with whom we work.

We aspire to be a source of positive influence in healthcare by collaborating with midwifery and other professional organizations. We believe in the midwifery educatorís ability to effect change in the maternity care system by making the Midwives Model of Care more accessible to all women through the training of skilled midwives and their integration as primary providers in womenís health.

Adopted on January 13, 2013

To learn more about the Midwives Model of Care, follow this link

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